In at the deep end…

This space was going to be used for a welcome message, instead you can feast your eyes upon the terrible song title puns names that were thrown around before returning to the old faithful “Sit and Spin” moniker, you can’t beat tradition eh? Well apparently you can as we’re now called Sound the Charge!

  • At the left hand ov Blog
  • Slayer of the Blogs
  • Blogs of Wrath
  • Hammer of the Blogs
  • The Blogs Made Heavy Metal
  • Metal Blogs
  • Blog of the Kings
  • All Men Write In Ten
  • Heavy folking Metal (which confined us to folk metal)
  • Frostbitten Kingdom (which confined us to black metal)

(blogowar was there for a while, may god/blog have mercy on my soul)

Incidentally, hello by the way, thanks for checking us out. We used to exist in another format several years ago (Sit and Spin) but things got in the way such as life, ball scratching and the growing of beards. The next wee while will be breaking in period, a lot of the content will be old interviews and features until we get going properly.

Fondest regards,



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