Andrew W.K. opens for Black Sabbath

Andrew recently completed a 24 hour drum solo, Black Sabbath have drummer issues…. just saying!

We’re all for diplomacy here, but seriously, fuck you America. I say this as we’ve learned the party god himself, Andrew W.K. is joining up with the mighty Black Sabbath on the North American leg of their world tour. That fuck you will of course be retracted if it transpires he’ll be over on British shores in December with the band, until then though, jealousy reigns high.

Instead of playing live though, Mr W.K. will be playing a DJ set featuring what he promises are “a rabble-rousing selection of classic riffs, heavy jams, and crowd pleasing favorites spanning every era of hard rock and metal.”

Speaking of the announcement, he says;

“I’m just shocked. It’s just the most incredible dream come true! This is the greatest honor I could be given. I remember when the phone rang and I first heard that Black Sabbath wanted me to be their exclusive opening act. I was really in a state of disbelief – almost sick with amazement and excitement. It took about 3 days until I fully mastered the reality of this opportunity and realized it was really going to happen. Black Sabbath’s music changed my life from the first time I heard it, and this tour will change my life all over again. I couldn’t be more thankful or humbled by this one-in-a-billion miracle. Can this really be real!? What kind of adventure will this be!?”

It’s sure to be a hell of a night, though perhaps it’s just as well he isn’t playing an actual show. Somehow we can’t picture high energy anthems like Party Hard, Party Til You Puke and It’s Time To Party winning over the whole crowd. Still though, if you need someone to fill a room with energy, he’s the very man for the job

Full story and dates here

Read our old interview with Andrew here


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