New Iron Maiden DVD? (No)

Update: 21/03/16 – For some reason this post still generates a lot of traffic so before anyone gets their hopes up. This article is from 2013 and so far there’s been no news regarding a DVD despite the statements below!

For those of you who missed the Download Festival highlights on Sky Arts at the weekend. Joel from Airbourne let slip that Iron Maiden had recorded their set at Donington for an upcoming live DVD. Before this rumours were pretty solid what with Kevin Shirley confirming they were recording and mixing the set while Andy Copping mentioned word of a DVD within a blog post back in May – “I visited the site last week to do a video piece for an up and coming IRON MAIDEN DVD.”

Even without official word from the Iron Maiden camp it seems pretty hopeful we’ll all be seeing our ugly mugs on a DVD at some point in the future. In saying that though, the set at Download in 2007 was meant to be released on DVD yet here we are six years later. Still, this seems more hopeful!

Until then, enjoy this footage from the 2007 show!

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