Fuckface Unstoppable – ABC Glasgow, Scotland 18 July 2013

This is a little different from our usual review fodder seeing as Mr. Margera is most famous for skateboarding and injuring himself opposed to singing about Viking and power metal. However, with the Fuckface Unstoppable, Bam’s making steps into music. We caught them live at the show in Glasgow, Scotland.

Due to timings we missed the first band, but were in time for Bacchus Baracus (click here to hear them) who were playing as main support. Being from the Glasgow area themselves they had brought along a bit of a crowd, this definitely helped the band create an impression of being bigger than they are. With their catchy yet crushingly heavy stoner rock riffs, they had people completely new to them singing songs about mammoths. This is definitely a band that is going somewhere and with a lead singer/drummer, they tend to stick in your mind. They were unfortunately probably the best bit of the night..

No I don’t want to be overly negative here as it wasn’t totally terrible; and teenage me fucking loved Bam etc and their antics (to the extent that I still want to climb in a  shopping trolley in Tesco rather than put my food in it), however, this was not a good show.

Warming up the crowd, Bam’s friend and resident addict, Brandon Novak entered the stage to perform a haunting rendition of Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight” which both stunned me into silence and made me giggle like an idiot. Bam himself then entered the stage with the rest of the band (featuring his brother and CKY drummer Jess on the drums). The reception was deafening at this point as they launched into a set which really was tune after tune. We got Clutch, Bloodhound Gang, Turbonegro and more so there a plenty to sing/jump/beat the shit out your friend along to. Jess even took to the mic for a Viking Skull cover which was pretty cool to say the least.

The musicians themselves were tighter than you could hope for, and with two drummers at once, can’t be faulted at all. While Bam is up at the front barrier singing his heart out (he’s got a pretty good voice for this stuff), Novak is on top of the speaker clad only in a golden thong thing or stage diving away. It’s a visually active tour anyway.

These were the positives; good song choices, good musicians and an entertaining show.

The negatives take over now though. It was half impossible to understand a word he said, whether that was due to crap sound or him being utterly shit faced who knows.  Every so often you could hear GLAGOW or NOVAK but that was about it.

The tour also promised some antics, and with Bam Margera you would expect them, but there wasn’t a shenanigan in sight. This isn’t really a legitimate complaint though; it’s a music tour so obviously the songs are what’s important.

Perhaps most damming of all, the set came to a close after a mere 45 minutes. Without a goodbye people were left standing bemused, wondering if the set would continue.  The PA started playing music and the lights came up confirming that yes, the gig you just paid 17 quid for has ended this soon. It’s just a lack of respect to his fans here; I can defend a lot but not this (in saying that, there was an ambulance outside, obviously if there was an accident I’ll take that all back!).

It sometimes seemed more of an excuse for him and his drunken friends to have a party. This is a man living the rock n roll lifestyle, he’s living it to the extreme and he looks it. Who knows how long he can keep it up for but can we really criticise a guy for staying young at heart (apart from when you play for 45 bloody minutes!).

I reckon for a show like this, being drunk is the key. I went in half cut and it just wasn’t enough. Next time a smaller venue and more drink could be the key!


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