Review: Majesty Of Revival – Iron Gods

Out now in Europe, worldwide release: 17/01/14.

Many of you will remember Dimitriy Pavlovsky from our previous review of his solo album. It still gets a fairly constant stream of views so regular readers will probably remember how much I enjoyed it. It was therefore with excitement that I opened an e-mail from Dimitriy with a link to the new full length album from his band; Majesty of Revival.

The album opens with a sinister church organ playing a tune that should accompany evil horror clowns on their murder rampages. This gives way to some wonderful musicianship shortly after and I already feel the makings of another glowing review for a Pavlovsky involved piece of work.

As with all “epic” pieces, the album features a large array of musicians, with Oleksa Dynnyk and Konstantin Naumenko providing the majority of vocals alternating between clean and growls respectively. We also get guest vocals from Jouni Nikula and Nelly Hanael later in the album.

Returning to track one though, Dynnyk’s vocals compliment the music perfectly with Pavlovsky providing just enough growls in the background to add edge but not overpower. This is one of the strongest elements of this release. The mix of vocals between songs via the three musicians gives an interesting and engaging difference in sound, helping keep the listener interested.

Marat Adiev, keyboards, is responsible for setting the atmosphere, from the organ through to the calming clean piano sounds he provides anything from catchy melodies, backing synths through to high speed classical sections. His crowning moment comes in Lost Empire where he does all of the above and more through its 7 minutes, though Nocturnes Gate is also fantastic.

From Bandcamp -
From Majesty Of Revival’s official Bandcamp, order and listen to their music here.

This is an album of really powerful power metal. However, they aren’t a one trick pony. Their power metal is interspersed with some fantastic neo-classical shreddery that adds to the music, rather than takes away which so often happens. The neo-classical guitar from Pavlovsky syncs up with Adievs organ keys perfectly. Added to this mix is a healthy dose of prog as well. With inspirations coming in at every angle, Majesty of Revival have something distinctly unique on their hands.

It almost goes without saying, but I need to give him his due. When you’re dealing with a mix of classical, power and prog, obviously timing and speed changes is going to be a major issue. However, Dennis Fursov knocks it out the park seemingly effortlessly.

A perfect example of this mix would be between the second and third songs. While the power metal influenced Infernal Grays sees the vocals go from crotch grabbing highs to demonic lows along with the typical catchy melody lines, Lost Empire opens with a classical style piano run before descending into a much more progressive section.

At other points, bouncy upbeat melodies are contrasted by dark keyboard sounds. This mix of light and dark is a theme that carries throughout Iron Gods. I think that it is this interesting combination along with the lead singer trade-offs that makes this a particularly good album. There’s only one song shorter than six minutes and that’s a bonus track. Sometimes long song after long song can lead to the listener getting bored or just zoning out, but there’s enough variety here for the listener to really pay attention.

A final example of a classical/prog combo can be found in Masked Illusion Part II & III, a brilliant speed driven 6 minutes before the main epic of the album, the title track Iron Gods brings the main album to a glorious close.

This is the bands second album, and it’s safe to say they have a strong future ahead of them. I can only recommend you hop on this train now and enjoy the ride.

4 out of 5! Click the image for more information.


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