The Shape Of Things To Come

With 2014 upon us, now is a good time to tell you some of the plans for the year (Happy New Year by the way!)

Rating System Update

First of all, our rating system is in for a bit of an overhaul. As many of you know we review bands and albums by genre, size of band, signed or unsigned etc so everyone gets a fair rating instead of an unsigned band going up against Iron Maiden for example.

Until now, it has been out of 5 but soon we’ll be doing it out of 10, as out of 5 doesn’t give much of a range. A 4 at the moment could be anything from 7 to a 9 out of 10 so the update will allow for a tighter and more accurate rating.

More Content

With Hellfest and Bloodstock on the cards along with more bands touring than you can shake a stick at, we’ll be bringing you interviews much more frequently this year, along with more reviews in general. We’ll be experimenting with video and audio on Youtube. This will allow for some more opinion pieces and interviews to be uploaded in raw form.


This is a bit of a narrow area so it will be an irregular piece of content, but there will be pieces on games revolving around metal and rock, or involving metal. This just allows us to broaden the scope a bit while remaining in our world of guitars and denim.

That’s all for now, there will be other updates but we’ll cover them when we come to them. Until then, thanks for sticking with us until now!



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