Interview: Darkest Era (via The Moshville Times)

Remember our interview with Gloryhammer? No? Here, read it now. Yes? Here, read it again. Now that you’re back, unless I’ve stuck you in an infinite loop with that opening question, we can get on with today’s main feature, an interview with Darkest Era.


We were scheduled to meet with Darkest Era the same night as Gloryhammer at the same concert. On the night itself time just wasn’t on our side though, which meant that while we were able to interview Gloryhammer, sadly Darkest Era slipped through our fingers. In stepped The Moshville Times, hero of this tale. Having finished up his interview with another member of Gloryhammer (link here!) he was able to snag Darkest Era before the doors opened. Being a gentleman, he suggested we could transcribe it here at Sound the Charge!

Having left a decent amount of time so the same interview wasn’t popping up straight away, here is the transcribed Moshville interview. Of course, if you would rather listen instead of read, you can do just that here.

A: Ade

C: Cameron

S: Sarah

MVT: Moshville Times

MVT: I noticed on the Facebook page you’re missing a drummer, so I’m assuming you’re fairly new to the band?

C: Yeah, I’ve been in the band for about five months now

So not that new, you need to update your Facebook page!

S: Yeah, little bit!

A: We also have a new bass player, who is Daniel. So we’ve been rejigging the line up for the past year I guess, so we’ve been gathering our strength and getting ready to make announcements about new things so we’ll be announcing our two new faces as soon as possible.

MVT: You’ve also been with a band called Nemesis, was that just a name change thing or did you end one and start another?

S: That was a name change, it was more just whenever we decided what we..because we were really so young when we started Nemesis. It was just like a covers band; “let’s play all these covers, all these crap covers badly” and then we started writing and were like “oh that’s the type of music we want to write. That’s when we decided to take it seriously and pick a name a million different bands didn’t have and wasn’t as generic.

MVT: It seems to be quite difficult, you look for a band on facebook and there’s about six bands of the same name come up

A: Especially with the metal clichés!

MVT: It’s just like pick a couple of words out of a bag, get your own pornstar name sort of thing.

Last time I saw you was actually February 2012, you were opening for Alestorm at the Garage, in Glasgow, just along the road. I saw the name when they announced the bands and thought “they look familiar,” I went digging through my reviews and thought “I’ve seen them!” So were you invited on this tour partly because of the Alestorm connection, or was this a label decision?

A: Well yeah, we’ve got links with Gloryhammer in general, basically we’re friends with Alestorm and toured with them previously as you mentioned. Obviously, this is Chris’s side project and some of the other guys in Gloryhammer were in Sorcerers Spell who we played with in London on that tour. Also, Tom, the singer of Gloryhammer played in a band called Emerald who we shared a bill with in Athens and Up The Hammers festival. We’re all sort of linked and they needed bands to bring to the UK and we were ready to do another UK tour so it just worked out perfectly.

MVT: It’s a nice mixture of bands on tonight. You’ve got your Celtic in the middle, outright fantasy bunch of at the top and opening you’ve got a very traditional metal with Dennera. It flows quite well which is good. You’ve done a whole date on the tour so far, how was Dundee last night, good?

S: Yeah it was good. I mean I think it was quite a long day for everyone, first day of the tour the show is always not as good as it could be. Everybody’s been travelling all day so you give as much as you can but it was really good. Crowd reaction was really good

A or C: Better than most first shows

S: It got a lot of energy off the crowd and that helped to pick us all up because we were all pretty exhausted. But yeah it was really good I enjoyed it.

C: They were all really receptive, really really friendly as well. It was really heartwarming as this is my first tour so it was really nice to get such a good reaction and meet such friendly people from the get go.

MVT: I can always imagine even if you’re the second up band which takes the edge off a bit, but opening for another band and you know that a lot of people are here to see this band, what sort of reception you get is always’s one of the things I do like to see at a gig is when a support band does get a good reception

S: oh yeah

MVT: It must mean the world to you guys as well

S: Yeah, and Danderra as well who were really good. I think they liked all the music maybe so, yeah. It’s all sort of similar bands as well, not three totally different bands.

A or C: I don’t think it’s even about the fanbase, in Danderra’s case they reacted so strongly just because the music is just so hooky and it’s just so strong musically they wouldn’t even need a fanbase..just hearing it.

MVT: It’s something you don’t notice, it’s a couple of minutes and your head is nodding . You’re at the bar thinking what am I listening to, this is good. Back to your own music, The Last Caress Of Light was out in 2011, we’re almost three years on from that. Any new material maybe in the set tonight?

A: Yeah, we’re playing two or possibly three new songs tonight.

MVT: You’ve got around 45 minutes tonight I think?

A: Roughly yeah, we’re going to try and play for 45 minutes anyway!

S: We only have 35 minutes so we’re going to see how quickly we can get on!

A: The new albums in the works which is pretty much all I can say about it at the moment , we’re hoping it will be out around spring time but we’re pleased with the whole process so far and think it’s gonna be a strong album, as every band says anyway. We feel this time round we’ve got something that has got much more of our own identity on it. A lot tighter in general.

MVT: Your lyrical theme, mainly, is Celtic mythology and so forth on previous albums, is that flowing through, is that your main theme for the new album?

A: Well, maybe the first album is. There’s Celtic mythological over tones I would say, but the songs, there’s maybe only one or two songs that’s specifically reference Celtic mythology whereas the rest are written in a certain kind of style, but they’re not necessarily retelling myths like other bands. So the writing style is the same, but we haven’t really done the myth road.

S: We weren’t into sitting explaining lyrics which were very dull to explain! The ones on the new album definitely aren’t. They do have that sort of atmosphere about them and maybe associate with a Celtic ideology but they’re not necessarily to do with..

A: Yeah there’s no specific concept or pretence, it just has the overtones.

MVT: How about yourself and the new bassist, are you having much input into the new material or was it there when you joined?

C: It was laid down for us when we got there. Actually, the new bassist recorded on the new album. But for me coming in it was just a case of learning the tracks which has been really enjoyable. That’s perfectly fine for me.

MVT: Nice learning curve, you have to know the style and feeling

C: For sure yeah

S: He’s added his own wee bits as well.

A: Cameron’s definitely got a distinct style as well, a lot different to our previous drummer as well and I think it’s pushed us forward, and pushed us as musicians as well. That’s what we’re looking for in the future as well.

MVT: It’s nice to get new blood once in a while

C: Yeah, that’s my sort of job as a new member. It’s my responsibility to learn the songs note for note for the fans who have come to see the band. But there are things I might change up just to put my own spin on it but generally I’ll be sticking to what’s on the record.

S: We can always kick him if we don’t like it! I’m joking!

MVT: I wouldn’t kick drummers, they can punch back harder than I can kick! Just a couple of very quick questions to round off because I know it’s getting close to Danderra coming on. You’re still based in the Belfast area?

A: Northern Ireland in general yeah. Myself and Cameron are based in Belfast and the other guys are based in Enniskillen which is in Fermanagh.

S: Were the G8 was held

A: Yeah, that put it on the map, aside from Darkest Era putting it on the map! But we’re still in Northern Ireland.

Click the image for our review of the Glasgow show

MVT: So what’s your local brew there, the one here is Buckfast which you’ll have heard of having played with Alestorm.

A: It’s drank a lot in Northern Ireland as well

C: It’s pretty iconic!

S: Yeah it’s in different coloured bottles down the South

MVT: But it’s exactly the same drink?

S: it’s a different taste actually down South. Sweeter isn’t it?

A or C: But it’s not in Northern Ireland, it’s not thought of as a Scottish drink, it’s just thought of as Buckfast .

MVT: Strange because England, don’t get it.

S: I don’t know what people drink, I like Guinness.

A : I like Irish whiskies, and Scottish whisky.

C: I’m going to route for the Guinness as well.

S: I think Jameson is the best

MVT: We’ve got stouts, we’ve got whisky and we’ve got sitting in the middle and doesn’t care as long as it has alcohol in it.

S: Yeah, pretty much, that’s me!

MVT: The new album, any rough approximate idea when it might be released.

 A: Spring time, it depends on a lot of things at the moment. We’re hoping February, February, March.

C: We’re having a few complications.

A: Yeah, just there always is putting out a record. It’s never as straight forward as you hope. We’re hoping to make some news public soon anyway, some announcements. Watch this space I guess!

MVT: In the mean time, your current album I’m presuming is on sale upstairs, for the baying hoards as soon you leave the stage.

A: Yeah!

MVT: I’m going to try and pick one up this time, I was going to pick one up after Alestorm. I actually wrote it in my review of the gig if I had money in my pocket which I didn’t I would have picked up a copy so I’ll get one tonight.

C: I’ll be looking for you at the merch stand!

MVT: I’ll send my wife!


And that, as Homer once said on The Simpsons, is the end of that chapter.  Like Darkest Era here on Facebook to find out more about their upcoming release.

 Once again thanks to the bearded one at The Moshville Times for saving the day on this one, when you’re done here you should go for a browse there, some excellent stuff to be found.



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