“Be More Open Minded” – 3 Reasons Why People Who Say This Should Be Gelded

As this is a metal based website, I’m assuming that you, the reader, are a fan of metal based music. The chances are that at some point in your life you’ve had someone say it to you or have heard it said. “Open your mind.” “Broaden your tastes.” “Be more open minded.”  This article is about why the response to these statements should be “fuck off.”

Judging A Book By Its Cover

The first one is obvious, unless someone follows you every waking second they can often have little to no idea about your musical preferences. If you say “I only like metal” it makes this point null, but we’ll cover that soon.

 I have long hair, I have the band t-shirts, I have the leather jacket, I essentially have the stereotype down to a finely crafted tee. That, for some reason, gives people the automatic privilege to demand I open my mind and even attempt to quiz me on other bands out with the metal spectrum. This is a perfect example of judging a book by its cover.

Mostly answered with this song. Travelling Wilburys ❤

Sure, it’s simple enough to put an end to it simply by listing bands outside of metal but the point here is that you shouldn’t have to do that.

It’s None Of Their Business

As it says on the tin. It’s really no one’s business but your own what sort of music you like. You can sit at home listening to the cheesiest power metal, chiptune, classic rock, whatever you want, and no one should complain. Unfortunately it happens, but at the end of the day, as long as whoever is listening to the music is happy, that is what is important.

I’m now using this as an excuse to post non-metal songs I like

People shouldn’t feel the need to pretend to like certain types of music, lest the crusaders of open mindedness get them. You don’t “need” to open your mind, you don’t need to do anything. If listening purely to metal makes you happy, do it, if listening to every type of music makes you happy, do it. Neither makes you a better or worse person. It’s only music.

More Open Minded = More Narrow Minded?

Before I begin this I should state this entry is based on my own personal experience. You might find it to be different where you come from, but it’s still worth adding to the list.

In day to day life, it’s the people who “boast” about being open minded that are the most narrow minded. You know the type, the never-ending need to be better than everyone. While most people tend to just get on with it only really saying “I don’t like this” when being confronted about something, the open minded chap will be happy to declare how much something sucks. They’ll gladly call you or what you like stupid but won’t give the music the time of day to physically sit down and listen to effectively closing their minds off.

Can’t we all be Friends?

If you find yourself faced by a musically holier than thou type, it’s worth baring all this in mind. People will try to make themselves feel better by putting you or what you like down, to fuel their egos I suppose. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you or your music taste though. Be happy in what you listen to, it’s the only important thing, and it’s better than being a cunt.

And finally, the glory of Metal.


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