Live Review: Gama Bomb + SSS, Divine Chaos and Visceral Attack – Audio, Glasgow 30/1/14

 Our first visit to this particular venue along with the first proper gig of the year, and it is a four band bill with Visceral Attack, Divine Chaos and SSS followed by Gama Bomb. It has good (and painful) night written all over it.

A thrash barrage from the get go as soon as we stepped inside turned out to be Divine Chaos (sad to say we missed Visceral Attack, but from all reports, they weren’t half bad at all), whose heavy onslaught wetted our appetites nicely.

SSS delivered a fucking killer of a performance (new EP out at the end of Summer on Prosthetic!) and having never seen them before I was blown away by just how tight they were up there.

Gama Bomb’s entrance saw a marked difference in attitude, while the mood had been serious before, the Irish 5 piece headed down a much more light-hearted road. Songs about Robocop and getting high with William Dafoe don’t particularly lend themselves to the super angry metal dude look though. When your front man has polka dot trousers, it sort of says “fun” before a note does.

Delivering one of their biggest setlists to date, the night took a trip through the last decade or so of the bands history, with my favourite, Slam Anthem (favourite purely because of the Withnail and I quote – more of this sort of thing) making a more than welcome appearance.


The night wasn’t a sell out, but not empty by any means. However, the under capacity aspect allowed the pit, not restrained by human walls, to spin all over like the Tasmanian Devil while some other beautifully minded bastards were able to get a human pyramid going in the centre.

accurate representation of pit

The Audio itself is a pretty small venue, small enough that the wall of death + a beer soaked floor nearly resulted in me flying out of the door, luckily my shoes decided to act as brakes just in time.

The sound was fairly spot on, Philly’s vocals were drowned out at the very start but everything was sorted quickly so all power to the sound guy. More credit to said sound guy, who had to visit the stage a few times to sort out the microphones after stage divers annihilated them on the way by.

Perhaps it’s a remnant from the Randy case, or the more recent Suicidal Tendencies fan death, or maybe it’s just a case of not being a dick, but it was nice to see a singer grab someone to stop them stage diving for a few seconds in order to get a tight enough crowd below to catch the guy.

note the lefty bass player, all glory to lefties

This in turn led to a small tide of stage divers who systematically wiped out Domo’s microphone time and again. My particularly favourite was the poor girl who ended up on stage JUST as a song ended leading to her dive being centre of attention. That’s when the pressure not to bang your knees off the barricade is at its max.

Why the crowd wasn’t bigger I don’t know, but with the new album and appearance at Bloodstock, hopefully they’ll be sucking in the fans like a thrash vacuum (I have no idea what that is meant to mean).

Main complaint of the night? The t-shirt I wanted turned out to be the girls top, and despite a certain…moobish..situation in the chest area, I sadly went without. Other than that, an outstanding start to the live music year.


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