Sun-Signed #1: Bacchus Baracus

Sun Signed

Welcome to the first Sun-Signed, a weekly spotlight on a Sunday on unsigned or unknown metal and rock from around the world. A bit of clarification before the angry e-mails come in, unsigned may not always be strictly true, a band on a small indie label will still get a mention. Sun-Signed is catchier than “Bands Not Signed To Metal Blade/Nuclear Blast/Napalm Records/EMI Or Any Major” though, so it stays!

You can email a band you want featured to or, or you can comment below.


For our first band, we have Scotland’s Bacchus Baracus and like mentioned above, we’re technically cheating as they are signed to a small independent Edinburgh based label, the excellent Wasted State Records.

The stoner rock foursome hail from Glasgow and for the last few years have been pumping out some of the fuzziest riffs this side of the border.

Their debut album, Tales Of Worries, Woes & Whatever dropped in 2013 and contained some of the grooviest, stoneriest (apparently that’s not a word), fuzziest and downright dirty songs heard in a long time. Receiving more than favourable reviews and causing a lot of heads to turn it is a good launching point for what will hopefully be a long and successful endeavour.

The band have been gathering momentum recently in the Glasgow scene, supporting the likes of Bam Margera’s Fuckface Unstoppable through to an upcoming support slot with Conan. With a toe hold in Edinburgh’s live scene as well, their name is spreading quickly. While the records are pretty crushing, it’s on stage where they really come alive.

The drummer, Quzzy is also the lead singer which gives the band a pretty unique dynamic. I know there are a good few bands who have a frontman drummer, but it’s a rare thing, especially in the area Bacchus are performing in.

Adding to the unique edge of their live performance is guitar player Gaz, who will at some point in the set, drop to his knees and play a Theremin solo. Safe to say, Theremin solo’s should be the new guitar solo.

Outside of the visuals you also have the sound. The live version of I Am The Mammoth truly sounds like a herd of pissed off mammoths charging through the venue. With the guitars almost fuzzed to the point of pain and volume cranked there is a distinct wall of sound approach.

If you live in Scotland, keep an eye out for the name Bacchus Baracus and if given the chance, see them live. If you live outside of Scotland and want a taste, follow this here link, it’ll take you to their website where you can stream some excellent stoner rock and drop a few quid if you like what you hear.


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