Album Review: Edguy – Space Police – Defenders of the Crown

Lots of reviews have been throwing around comments about how this is the best Edguy album in a decade and I think I agree with them. Don’t get me wrong, Age of the Joker was fantastic (the folk-y bit in Rock of Cashel alone was beautiful), and the rawer hard rock sound of Tinnitus Sanctus was a nice change of pace, and was also the first tour I saw Edguy on in Glasgow so there’s a certain fondness behind that.

This album though, it’s something a bit more special. I don’t want to say classic Edguy as that doesn’t make much sense. The band have changed their sound so much over the years there isn’t a single classic Edguy sound, but Space Police is in a way classic Edguy. It’s a return to the melodic power metal sound present on the earlier albums, but the heavy riffs are still present from Tinnitus creating a much more meaty sound than we’ve heard from Edguy before.

Over the first few tracks you become aware that you’re just being beaten about the face with melodies and catchy choruses. Space Police in particular, with that awesome little 60s sci-fi b-movie moog sound running through parts of the verse, has one of the catchiest choruses on the album.

The powerful Defenders of the Crown is the best representation of this post-Tinnitus heaviness mixed with their power metal past with perhaps a cheeky nod towards the kings of metal hidden in the lyrics.

Turning away from the almost faux-Manowar sound of Defenders of the Crown, they take a trip to the other side of the 80s with the glammy Love Tyger that has inserted itself so far into my head I doubt it’ll ever come out.

Speaking of painfully catchy, remember the first time you heard Rock Me Amadeus and couldn’t get it out of your head? Welcome to a world of singing “Amadeus, Amadeus, oh oh oh, Amadeus” All. Day. Long, when they bust out the surprising cover of Falco.

It’s definitely one of the heaviest Edguy albums to date, there’s barely a break between tracks with The Realms Of Baba Yaga diving straight into Amadeus which in turn launches into Do Me Like A Caveman (official winner of best song title on the ablum). It takes about nine songs for the softer Alone In Myself to calm everything down with a gentle power ballad and that’s just building up for the big finale.

The Eternal Wayfarer is what I’ve been looking forward to; long tunes are a speciality of steveharrisTobias and he’s delivered like a trooper on this one. It’s up there with The Piper Never Dies (my favourite long Edguy song/favourite Edguy song) and The Pharaoh and much like those tracks, feels half as long as it is.

Of course, if you have special edition there are still the b-sides to come. Edguy always have a special place in my heart for silly b-sides and this is no exception. I’ll consider it an injustice if I don’t see and hear England on tourism posters and adverts for visiting London and the Lake District. I won’t spoil the lyrics but VisitEngland can use my hastily photoshopped image in their next advertising campaign.

Like I said in the opening, this perhaps is the best Edguy album in at least a decade and the more I listen the more I enjoy it. Catchy choruses. heavy riffs, melodic, heavy, tongue almost ripping a hole through cheek at times and silly bonus tracks. Edguy as fuck.

Five Catley+

Presentation1or.. 9/10


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