Two New Regular Features

Announcing two new features! Festivals and world tours galore.

The first feature is a selection of interviews with festival bookers, owners and those behind the scenes. We’ve been in contact with some and will be in contact with more in order to find out how your favourite festivals come together. From three day to one day events, from land to sea, from big to small, we’ll be pestering them all while they should be booking excellent bands to fill your summer.

At the same time, we’re off on a world tour! And by world tour I mean I’m sitting unshowered in my house skyping and e-mailing people round the globe. It’s still pretty cool humanity can do that though. The goal is to interview at least one metal band from every country (bigger countries may warrant more bands). I know North Korea might hump that plan, but never say never. We’ll be using the same initial questions for each band before focussing more on the artist in question. If you’re from a far flung corner of the world and fancy talking to us (i.e. doing the work for us), send an e-mail to

Both features will be going live in the coming weeks or even days if we get our shit together. The festival feature will run up until the summer festival season, while the world tour will go on until it’s done. We’ll have a couple of reviews going up over the next couple of days and a few band interviews are on the way. Until then have a splendid day.


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