North of the Wall returns to Glasgow this Saturday

It’s still a few months until we’re setting up our tents under a sunny (rainy) sky, but that doesn’t mean festival season isn’t already upon us. This Saturday sees the return of Glasgow’s, and probably Scotland’s, mightiest metal festival; North of the Wall. At only £15 a ticket (available here), it’s a steal for a days worth of volume, beer and general debauchery.


Ansgar, part of the North of the Wall team tells us that;

“The festival is now in it’s third year, with last two editions of the festival being very successful, featuring bands from across the UK and Ireland such as Holocaust, Bonesaw, Nemtheanga’s Dread Sovereign, Scordatura, Darkest Era and Achren. Our past festivals have been very favourably reviewed, Terrorizer summarising after the 2013 event “Things have never been better for Scottish metal”.

2015 marks a step up for the festival as for the first time we have booked a band from continental Europe, Bölzer from Switzerland. One of THE bands of the hour and much demanded by the whole Scottish (or British for that matter) scene. Bölzer, together with headliners Gama Bomb and second stage headliners Fen mean that this year’s billing can draw on bigger and more established names than the previous editions.

Well established local bands will support these ‘big three’, such as Edinburgh Death Metallers Cancerous Womb or the Folk-, Black-Metal from Cnoc an Tursa. Saor’s first ever live show adds to the list of exclusives and has been eagerly anticipated by people across the globe (some of which will have travelled from as far as the USA to see it).

A stall from Edinburgh based Black Metal Brewery will add to the festival experience as well as special offers from underground metal specialist shop Cornucopia Records, in case the merchandise selection of 11 (!) bands might not suffice.”

We’ll be there so exepct a full review, or as full as a review can be after a day of beer from the Black Metal Brewery. If you see us, come and say hello.


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