Sun-Signed #6: Wilderun

For those of you new to Sun-Signed, we post about unsigned metal bands on a Sunday, usually reviewing an album and talking briefly about the band. This week is Wilderun from the US.

As a side note, one of the main problems with the Sun-Signed format is that it’s restricted to a Sunday because of a silly pun based name. This of course leads to trouble if we can’t post on a Sunday, therefore we may start cheating and allow a post on a Saturday or a Monday… it’s probably Sunday somewhere in the world after all, good old time zones. So if you have been in contact about getting reviewed, you’ll be up shortly.

#6 .

I was recently sent an email from an American metal band called Wilderun with a review request. I wrote the review up and went to find the bands record label to insert the usual “out now via….” section at the end. This is where I fell into trouble, I couldn’t find a record label. It seemed so strange, surely a band couldn’t release something of this quality without label backing. Then I remembered the previous weeks of Sun-Signed and realised they very well could.

By this point I had the review written up (it should be up in the next day or so) so it will be linked here when it goes live. With that in mind, it will be quite a short Sun-Signed edition, really just a means to draw attention to what turned out to be a surprisingly excellent piece of metal.

The band released their first album Olden Tales in 2012. Three years later, and after a successful kickstarter, their second album, Sleep at the Edge of the Earth has just been released. In terms of sound, it’s very hard to pinpoint a sound. When you hear folk you think of bands like Korpiklaani or Finntroll, but this is a world away from them. The progressive element brought to the folk metal table by Wilderun is a perfect example of how a genre needs to twist and turn to survive. With bands like this contributing rather than cloning, this type of music will be around for a long time yet.

Click here to listen and buy the two albums.

Click here for the bands Facebook


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