Tales of Concerts Past: Sabaton/Korpiklaani & Tyr – Glasgow, QMU 5/12/14

SabatonSometimes a gig is so good it sticks in your mind for months or years. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to write an article so you decide to just review a show you didn’t review at the time. The idea has some merit, since time has passed I can’t remember the setlist and therefore can’t just talk about songs to pad words. All I know is that this gig was one of the many highlights from 2014s gig scene (highlight mainly because it featured three bands I am rather fond of).

I missed a good deal of Týr because of two reasons, 1) couldn’t get out of work and, 2) the queue outside of the QMU was monstrously slow. I was getting updates from friends who had been in the queue as to what songs they were currently missing because they were stuck outside. After eventually making it through the doors I caught the last two songs of the Faroese band. Sadly I missed my chance to Hold The Heathen Hammer High but as I made my way to the bar I got to see the band rip through a couple of well received songs. The crowd by this point was already fairly tightly packed in and seemed to have taken to Týr well. The last couple of times they’ve visited the city it’s been in a supporting capacity, with any luck the reception they received will lead to a full headline set.

Between bands I discovered the saving grace of the QMU, you might get stuck outside in the pissing wet December rain and miss bands because you have to sign in, but the drink is cheap and the bar staff (or at least one guy in particular) were friendly and seemed to be enjoying the tunes.

Korpiklaani were next up, and in a surprising move stayed some distance away from the Beers Beer’s and Happy Little Boozer’s. The set was full of more recent songs and almost seemed like an attempt to establish themselves as a more serious band rather than the fun loving Finns we’ve grown used to. Whatever the reason, it was still an impressive performance. If anything, not jumping about in a folk metal pit gives you the chance to properly appreciate the musicianship of the band. Needless to say, Vodka was still in the set and obviously this is when the crowd went suitably mental. I almost wish I could find out how much vodka was consumed at the bar after but that ship has sailed, much like the liver function of many of the crowd that night.

Rounding off the triple bill was Sabaton. When you use The Final Countdown as your opening song you’ve already got the crowd warmed up, and by the time the band raced on to Ghost Division we had all found our singing voices.

To my unending delight, 7734 made the set which is something I’ve been waiting seven or so years for since I first heard them. The decision to sing Lion From The North in Scots instead of Swedish (they rolled the Rs) was also a crowd winning decision. If you want to see a band who knows how to please an audience, go and see Sabaton. Varied sets, good humoured musicians and plenty of crowd interaction.

Joakim took a break from running about to play some guitar midway through (Resist and Bite perhaps, it’s been a few months, throw me a bone!). The guitar turned out to be in the shape of a machine gun to the amusing shock of Broden who seemed to have been expecting his proper guitar. Again, light hearted fun for a serious subject matter.

Before rounding off with Metal Crue (I still miss the Metal Medley though), they led the crowd on the traditional Primo Victoria jump. As a man who had been stuck standing for a long, long shift, this was surprisingly unpleasant, but who can resist a jump? Not me anyway, sorry feet.

What I love about seeing Sabaton live is that they always appear genuinely happy and grateful to be there and that anyone is watching them play. I’ve seen them play to a handful of people in Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, seen them play 35,000 people at Graspop, play after Maiden at Hellfest and in various other locations. No matter where it is though, there’s always the surprised smile. It makes it quite satisfying to be in the crowd rather than having someone glaring at you from the stage.

As a side note. I somehow missed the Glasgow event t-shirt which was annoying as I’ve got all of the previous Glasgow shirts. However, it’s always nice when we get our own special shirt for the one gig (I know they do it in other places, but they could easily just stick us with the Union Jack). Good guys, those Swedes.


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