Album Review: Signum Regis – Through The Storm EP


With so many new releases it can be hard to pick one to review. Our method tends to be pick the one with the awesome artwork and fill in the blanks. Signum Regis’ new EP, Through The Storm took the prize of awesome artwork of the day and therefore here we are (lightning storms and gargoyles on metal album covers will never not be fantastic).

After misreading the album press kit, I was under the impression that they were a melodic death metal band rather than melodic metal. The intro riff for Living Well has more meat in it than a field of cows and I expected a growled vocal line to kick in. Instead Mayo Petranin enters with a powerful clean midrange.

After the shaking off the surprise I restarted so I could listen with fresh ears. Petranin is a strong frontman from the start and continues to be a powerful presence throughout, not trying to hit silly notes or force himself into unnatural areas, his vocals are comfortable and that sits well in the listeners ears.

The EP is an incredibly riffy affair than spans the annals of metal. Take a track like Through The Desert, Through The Storm, the intro riff could be out of an early 80s release, while other riffs have thrashy sections, neo-classical elements and even breakdowns.

My Guide In The Night has a certain edge of Dio about it. The vocal delivery has an air of Dio, not so much in tone but style. The riffs could be from The Last In Line album yet the chorus takes a far more “triumphant” approach than the RJD work. This leads into an almost breakdown moment that wouldn’t be out of place in more modern releases. As I said, spans the timeline.

Official video for Lving Well

Come And Take It brings the new song portion of the EP to an end with a stormer of a bass line with a guitar lick above it that is almost like a metalled up ABBA, and considering half of power metal is essentially metal ABBA, this is no issue. Complete with a whoa-oh moment for the audience to sing along with, it’s a perfect track to get a jump/headbang on the go.

The penultimate track is a rerecording from the bands early work, All Over The World. Again, full of riffs, sweeping and bouncy choruses and in the case of All Over The World, a brief drum solo. It’s always nice to have a release that gives each member a little bit of the spotlight.

Closing on a Malmsteen medley, Vengeance/Liar, Filip Kolus is set free to go to shred town. For a metal release of this kind, it’s almost impressive that the guitar is so in touch with the rest of the band. How often do you hear a guy with shred capabilities going batshit insane over each and every song? Too often. However, Kolus restrains himself and as such, makes the moments he goes full on all the more impressive and musically enjoyable.

Overall, the Through The Storm is a short and sweet affair that will leave you wanting more. As luck would have it, more is just around the corner with the full length album dropping later in the year. I’ve said it already, but the album is full of solid riffs, strong, sometimes bouncy, choruses and a keyboard underpinning that gives each track a boost up to much more glorious realms.



Through The Storm is out now via Ulterium Records, like the band on Facebook for more


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