Album Review: Dew-Scented – Intermination

Dew-Scented-InterminationThe most gentle of names for the most heavy of bands, Dew-Scented are rightfully seen by many as one of the pillars of Euro thrash. The albums have been consistently strong, and most importantly, brutal, and Intermination seems set on continuing that streak.

Continuing the titles that start with “I” theme, Intermination is the bands tenth studio album in almost twenty years of proper releases. That’s good going, though you would expect by now that the tanks would be running a bit dry, or at least the energy would be running low. Are they fuck, and is it fuck.

If this album was played start to finish live, by the minute mark in On a Collision Course, the amount of windmilling, headbanging and general pitting would render the entire audience in need of some serious neck braces. This isn’t to mention the break down section later in the song that is clearly designed to finish off anyone who isn’t in neck based agony yet.

Unfortunately for the agonised audience, there are still 11 tracks (including a cover) of solid, nonstop metal to go. Fortunately for us listening at home, there’s still 11 tracks to go. Scars of Creation is another full on thrash number, while Affect Gravity opens with what I can only assume was an attempt to show Bon Jovi the proper way to talk box an intro.

By the time Means to an End reaches the end of it’s opening riff, you’ll find yourself wondering just many riffs one band can pack into an album. The answer is a lot. Ruptured Perpetually, Atavistic and Those Who Will Not See (my favourite from the album), the list could go on, there are riffs as far as the eye can see, or ear can hear in this case.

On a Collision Course

The speed maintains itself as “high.” No ballads to stop the fun here, with only tracks like Living Lies cutting the speed back for brief sections, allowing the listener a brief bit of respite before thundering on towards the end of the album. I mean thundering as well, if tracks like Reborn don’t appear in the set and lay waste the crowd I’ll be very surprised

The solos are another important point, returning to Means to an End for example, it would be easy to Kerry King shred your way through these solos; instead they opt for a slower, almost discordant (though it’s perhaps too hard a word) solo. The notes are bent slightly under where you would expect them to go and as such give a slight uncomfortable feeling in your ear. Instead of mindless shred, we have solos that are contrived to add emotion and emphasis to a songs mood, something that is depressingly rare in heavier metal.

The crisp production allows each instrument to shine through, yet the guitar tones (and Jensen’s vocals) are filthy enough to give it a raw sound. Drum tone is always an important thing to look for when talking about production. Herfst’s kit breaks through easily with no parts sitting muffled in the background. This means we get to hear each huge fill easily and with beats like the end of Demon Seed leading the audience in a mass hair flinging about session, you want a clear drum sound.

Sometimes it’s hard to think up things to write about an album and sometimes it’s easy. Usually the better the album, the easier it is to write. This was a piece of cake. Intermination easily slides high into the list of 2015’s top albums (so far) and I’ll be shocked if it isn’t up there by the end. As mentioned earlier, Dew-Scented are a very consistent band, so if you haven’t heard them yet I would heartily recommend Intermination to you. Though you do have a few days before it’s released, why not catch up?


Intermination is out June 12/15th via Metal Blade. Like the band on Facebook for more

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