Ten Things to Experience at Download Festival 2015

It’s Download weekend and as usual the war between ground splitting sunshine and biblical rain is raging. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been so I had considered going this year, but I thought the line-up was a tad poor and therefore decided to save my t-shirt money for Bloodstock. However, looking at the line-up again I can’t help regret missing at least a few of these bands/moments. With that in mind, it’s list time! Everyone loves a list; it’s like the journalistic equivalent of fast food. Quick, easy and probably bad for you.

10: Seeing the mainstage for the first time

No matter what festival I go to, it’s always a special moment when you look down the green grass before it’s trampled to a muddy mess and see the looming main stage. Download have this particular view cornered as you see the main stage from the moment you walk in instead of being hidden round a corner. On the other hand, ever since the double stage of 2010 when AC/DC brought their own, the single main stage hasn’t been quite as impressive.

9: Evil Scarecrow’s Crab Army

If they can get this early in the morning at Bloodstock, think what they can get with tens of thousands of people. Download, don’t disappoint us, scuttle!

  Scuttle to the video

8) Finding out who is playing this Christmas

Lets face it, Download is essentially a marketing exercise for Livenation. A good number of the bands on display will be coming around the UK in November/December for a full set. Getting the guide at the start of the weekend is a vital stage in planning your Winter in the middle of Summer.

7) Clutch
I don’t really have to go into much detail here. It’s Clutch, they’re fantastic live. At Hellfest they beat out some legendary bands in the eyes of many who were in the packed tent, no doubt the same will happen this weekend.

The beard of Fallon is the source of their power

6) Judas Priest

It’s becoming a rare thing to see Priest, while they haven’t retired they have scaled back on the tours. With any luck Download’s performance will hint at a UK winter tour.


Love them or hate them, they put on one hell of a show. Having seem them both indoors and outdoors, I would take outdoors any day of the week. Granted Download has an annoying curfew so the pyro wont quite be as effective in the twilight until near the end of the set, seeing an equivalent amount of pyro to the amount used UK wide on November 5th within the space of two hours is still exciting.

I really don’t have to post a video of KISS, but any excuse to ram a hockey link in

4) The Village

It has a funhouse. Drunk funhouse. I don’t really have to go on.

3) Andrew W.K.

The headliners might not be doing much for me this year, but Andrew W.K. headlining the third stage is bound to be utter mayhem when combined with a day of festival drinking. I was tempted to buy a day ticket just for this set and the one before which happens to be..

2) Body Count

A band I never thought I’d get to see live, and apparently I’m still not going to see them live. Irritating. Plus a field of pasty white teenagers rapping along to Talk Shit, Get Shot, that’s entertainment.

1) Lamb of God

There seems to be some odd connection between Lamb of God and Download, I don’t know what caused it but every time you see footage of them from Download (or see them there), it’s insanity. Missing a giant Wall of Death is always disappointing.

Though if there’s one thing I definitely wont miss is people shouting Butt Scratcher. Fuck. Off.


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