Live Review: Evile – Audio, Glasgow 27/9/15

Evile-Skull_abum_coverThe planets have aligned, Evile’s long awaited tour has finally come to town. Given the size of the venue, Audio feels like an odd venue for the bands return to the touring world. However, it’s perfect in a way. If you’re making a big come back, it’s better to play to a smaller, yet sold out crowd than a half empty hall. Besides, Audio is a great little venue, especially because to get to the bar you often have to get to it via the pit, you earn your pint.

Circle of Tyrants opened the show with some home town thrash. To be honest, I’ve probably seen them before given that they are from Glasgow, but copious amounts of beer will do things to a mans memory. “First” impressions of them are positive anyway. They’re exactly what you’re looking for in a warm up band for a thrash act. More thrash. No whinging ballads, no melodic tom foolery, just good old thrash.

After hitting the merch booth and the bar, the latter several times and the former sadly once, we were ready for the show. The band were their own roadies tonight and as they set up on stage, the audience were fed Metallica over the PA, getting us excited for their younger, faster models.


Given that they weren’t able to tour in support of Skull due to Ol Drake’s departure, Evile opt to perform Skull in its entirety tonight. It’s good to see a band have faith in an album but it’s also good to have a couple of classics thrown into the mix. Rather than make it start to finish Skull, Enter The Grave makes an early appearance and triggers the pits.

The one gripe I have with the Audio is that the floor often turns into a bit of an ice rink. On the bright side; the floor often turns into a bit of an ice rink, which is stupidly fun in a pit situation.

Sometimes a crowd can be a bit negative to a full album show, and while the audience weren’t quite as wild as they might have been if they were doing We Who Are About To Die etc, they still pulled out all the metal audience objectives (minus crowdsurfer… I think).

For my money Evile were and still are one of the tightest thrash bands you can hope to see these days. I was a bit apprehensive after their two year absence, but instead of stagnating it seems to have given them time to rest, practise and relight the spark. Don’t get me wrong, I saw them on the last tour and they were on point, but this show was tighter and perhaps even faster (which kind of sucks as a guitar playing fan, as they made the riffs that bit harder).

On the subject of guitar players, it’s also the introduction of Pierce, their new guitar player to Glasgow. He had big boots to fill and by fuck did he fill them. Granted his guitar might not be as pointy, he still has the solo skills along with a good stage presence, which are the two main points in a lead guitarists job description.

Thrasher live at Bloodstock 2012

It’s always fun to see a band enjoy themselves, and Evile were certainly fun. Smiley thrash is better than frowny thrash (we’re going Teletubbies now), and despite headbanging up a storm, the band are relaxed between songs, interacting with the crowd and generally creating a fun atmosphere.

A trio of classics, Cult, Infected Nations and Thrasher brings the show to a pushy, circle pit of a close, and the sweaty masses depart for more drink in the conveniently placed Wetherspoons next door. Before the beer quest though, they announce a support slot with Sepultura later in the year which is definitely worth getting tickets for.

Evile are indeed back, and though it’s clichéd as fuck to say so, are perhaps better than ever.


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