Live Review: Children of Bodom, Lamb of God & Megadeth – Braehead Arena, 11/11/15

You know that old expression about waiting for a bus then three come along at once? Meet tonight’s band billing. Megadeth, Lamb of God and Children of Bodom have all come along at once on a surprisingly cheap tour.

It’s the first time I’ve been to the Braehead arena for a gig and the experience was so so. It is ill equipped to deal with thirsty punters, with ridiculous queues circling the building. If I hadn’t smacked my head during the Black Label wall of death and jumped out before Randy’s “last chance to dance” bit, I would probably still be queuing to this day.

The temperature was good though, some further back were complaining about the cold (it is a hockey arena when it’s not a venue) but it’s quite nice being in the middle of a crowd and not sweating your balls off.

Our bus got us to the venue in time to see the start of Children of Bodom. You couldn’t help feel a bit bad for the more hardcore Bodom fans in the crowd, and perhaps the band themselves. Their setlist was painfully short, perhaps six songs or so. I can’t call myself the biggest Bodom fan in the world, but I can’t help but feel Megadeth could have dropped a song to give them a bit more of a set length.

Lamb of God followed. They were also a strange billing on the tour, considering that they often play the same sized crowds as Megadeth do in Scotland. I’m not complaining though, nothing wrong with seeing multiple bands for the price you normally pay for one. A strong thirteen long set gave the Lamb of God fans value for their pound, but the true value was in the performance. I’ve seen the band several times now since my first time in 2007 and this was easily their best show of that lot.

The set was loaded with fan favourites like Omerta, Ruin and Hourglass, plus the “must plays” like Laid to Rest, Redneck and Black Label meant that there wasn’t a second of rest for the crowd. Opening with Walk With Me In Hell, the audience wasted no time in opening up the pit and kept it open through Now You’ve Got Something to Die For. New songs, Still Echoes and 512 followed and got a tremendous response. With any luck a full UK tour will follow with some more songs from the new album.

A twisted ankle and a bump on the head were my prizes for the set and due to this I was quite happy with the more laid back Megadeth. This was also the best I’ve seen Megadeth live. This probably has something to do with the excellent Kiko Loureiro on guitar and Chris Adler from Lamb of God stepping on for a second stint on drums. Last time I saw Megadeth it felt like a going through the motions type of set, but this time there was power and energy that surprised me.

It was another strong setlist, though perhaps Dawn Patrol could have been cut for Bodom. Unsurprisingly, Dave Ellefson’s bass is the real driving force of the sound and while the crowd aren’t quite as amped up as they were earlier, bass laden songs like Peace Sells has the place on their feet.

While I wasn’t entirely sold on the venue (though it did afford excellent views, they can’t be faulted there), when a touring bill is as strong as this it makes the little problems seem very minor.


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