Live Review: Evil Scarecrow – The Attic, Glasgow 13/11/15

imagesIt might have been hosted in a venue the size of a living room, it might have been serviced by one (heroic) barman, it might also have taken place the same night as the terror attacks in Paris, but for one brief moment it was the best night out in Glasgow.

For those who like their metal serious, from the “soul,” and other clichéd bollocks, turn back now, there’s danger here for you. For those who appreciate the stupidity of our genre of choice, carry on reading and raise a mighty claw to the air.

Given the shape of the venue it was actually surprisingly difficult to see the band. From my vantage point I caught the occasional hair flick of Dog Tired, the support band from Edinburgh. Despite this lack of visuals I still enjoyed the set, having not seen them in a couple of years.

Space Dementia

Following their set the poor barman was slightly inundated, but he managed to keep the queue short which is to be saluted. Garage though, perhaps put a second person on shift.

Soon the theme from Skyrim played the band onstage while the crowd attempted to sing along with parts (for a game I’ve spent so long playing, I’ve got no idea what in the name of fuck any of those lyrics are). I managed to find a spot in the crowd that allowed me to see Dr Hell on vocals. I soon lost this view though as Evil Scarecrow aren’t a band you just stand and watch.

Now with some bands that would mean circle pits, walls of death and the like. That is now a thing of the past, thanks to the work of Evil Scarecrow. They had the audience ballroom dancing (an act that is hard while holding your beer), had the audience forming a perfect robot square to Robototron, there was party popper pyro (a sentence that was hard to say after more trips to the bar), conga lines broke out led by the band, and most importantly, the scuttling. Oh the scuttling. I fear future gigs are ruined somewhat because it will be frowned upon to scuttle my way through Painkiller at Priest in a couple of weeks.

I wasn’t sure if they would manage to get the crowd in Glasgow holding their crab claws aloft, scuttling from left to right. My doubts were disproven, hard. We scuttled like we were born of crab blood.


It would be fair to say many gimmick laden bands suffer in the actual performance side of the show. However, songs like Space Dementia – my favourite of Evil Scarecrow’s back catalogue – prove otherwise as they’re hammered out with surprising precision. Sure they might fluff the odd note while scuttling or congaing, but I always think that if you want to hear flawless performances then listen to an album. Live is where the fun lives.

With any luck, the name Evil Scarecrow will soon pop up in a Bloodstock announcement, as I now need to scuttle with ten thousand fellow crabs.

Keep up to date with Evil Scarecrow here


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