Relaunch, rebrand, all irritating marketing words for the same subject. Essentially, over the last three months or so, it has been very quiet on the Sound the Charge! front. This is due to all manner of reasons, the main being that every journalist someday aspires to be an author (a fact that I have absolutely no source for) and this journalist was off following that aspiration. It just unfortunately fell at a time shortly after when this journalist was off following the aspiration to release an album.

That brings us to the first point of the rebrand, there’s going to be a new section for stories and such like. They’ll have some sort of music theme of course, or else it wouldn’t really fit in, but the themes may be very loose.

The rest is business as usual but at the same time, not as usual. There will be more content but not an oversaturation. Quality over quantity is the old saying, and we aim to follow that. There will be many more interviews and many more features and articles as well. More unique content is what we’re aiming for, reviews will still be there, but something different is the goal.

We also have our Twitter as always (@SoundTheCharge_), please give us a follow, we plan to utilise it much more but promise not to spam you, and we definitely promise not to make any Monty Python spam based jokes, apart from this one.


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