10 Years of Kill

Without a doubt, Kill is one of my favourite Cannibal Corpse records. It is full of indisputably brutal songs and birthed a setlist staple or two as well. It also has the unfortunate effect of making me feel like it’s Christmas.

I worked at a factory over Christmas many years ago, and every day I would play Kill in the car on the way in. This served both to wake me up at stupid o’clock in the morning, and, somewhat ironically, to reduce the urge to kill at work. This now means that songs like Merry Xmas Everybody, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday and Frosty the Snowman have been joined by the likes of Submerged in Boiling Flesh. Festive!

I remember hearing the album for the first time, before it joined the ranks of Killing in the Name for unfestive festive songs, and remember being blown away by the intro of The Time To Kill Is Now. There isn’t a single punch pulled, no pussyfooting about with intro riffs or anything, just KIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL straight off the bat at full speed. At a time when I was listening to a lot of classic heavy metal, this was the equivalent of giving Red Bull to a toddler.

Then of course you have Make Them Suffer following straight after, a song that is now a concert staple and has been the reason for me going on my arse more than once. There’s no stopping the train, “the time to kill is motherfucking now,” wait a few beats and then “SUFFERRRR” (we’re not doing the SOOFAAAAA joke today). You get that giant headbanging groove midway through as your first rest break but then you’re straight back into the speed.

Now I’m not going to break down every single song because with thirteen tracks we’d be here all day. Let’s still look at a couple more of my favourite moments though, the first being Five Nails Through The Neck. This song features one of Corpsegrinder’s most disgusting screams at 1:39. It’s the sound of a man who has trodden on lego, stepped on a plug with the prongs pointed up, stubbed his toe while simultaneously banging his head on the sharp bit of an open cupboard door.

The next is that slow march of Death Walking Terror. I’m sure it has been the soundtrack to many a fans zombie slaying in Dead Rising or whatever zombie laden game they’re playing. It’s also the rest point of the album, very well placed at track seven. It lets the listeners ears “breath” a bit, instead of the constant crashing drums you get that slower beat to nod your head to for 3 minutes.

This is why I hold the album dear. Not only is it the album that properly sent me off down the death metal path after just having a passing interest, but it’s full of interesting songs that could very easily be boring songs. The little groove sections, the slower head bang moments, the time changes. They all make sure the listener doesn’t get a chance to zone out, just when you’re getting used to a certain beat, in comes a curveball and you’re snapped back to attention.

As always, if you look at the writing credits of Kill, you’ll see Alex Webster’s name thrown about all over the place, but lets not forget the duo of Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett on guitars and Paul Mazurkiewicz on drums who threw their hats into the writing ring, and most importantly, had to play the fuckers. Have you tried learning some of these riffs? I got flashbacks to the times I could only play AC/DC songs but was trying desperately to learn Maiden songs.

This is just one man’s appreciation of one solid as fuck album. I’m sure other people will have different opinions, but I’m the one with a blog and too much time on his hands, so here we are!

Happy Birthday, Kill.

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